Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frontloading - Day 1

My goal after attending the sports nutrition conference is to "frontload" my food. I already eat 2 - 3 snacks plus 3 meals, but I will attempt to add more to breakfast and snacks so that I have more energy while running and throughout the day, which is when we all need it.

Breakfast - 1.5 cup Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise, 3/4 cup light soy milk, 1 cup frozen berries, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 grapefruit (the addition to one of my normal breakfasts)[389 kcals]

Snack - 2 clementines, KIND bar, part-skim string cheese (normally just a KIND bar)[350 kcals]Lunch - 1 silce whole rye bread, guacamole (1/4 avocado mixed with cilantro, chopped tomato, and Greek yogurt), 2 ounces turkey, spring mix, peppers, cucumber + 1 cup carrots with guacamole and 1 T almond butter, 1 cup soy crisps (the addition), 1 Hershey's dark chocolate kiss [493 kcals]

Snack - 1 large banana + almond butter [172 kcal]

Workout (10 miles - 1 mile Tempo, 2x2 mile Tempo, 1 mile Tempo) - Felt great! Not hungry until the cool down and still had enough energy to make dinner. Didn't hit a low during the workout.

Recovery - 1 glass soymilk [70kcal]

Dinner (see picture to the left) - 5 ounces arctic char (recipe to follow), 1 cup garlic broccoli, 5 sundried tomato polenta rounds, 1 Hershey's almond kiss [509 kcal]

=1,983 calories (67 grams fat, 254 g CHOs, 102 g protein, 40 grams fiber)

I need to keep working on it - more calories!


  1. Send me the recipe for the sun-dried tomato polenta rounds! Sounds deliciously interesting.

  2. The polenta is a brand called Food Merchants. It comes in a tube so all you have to do is slice and bake or slice and saute. I bought it at Whole Foods. Arjun (my husband) is in love with it!

  3. Did you really just explain to me who Arjun is?

  4. I am hoping people who do not know me are reading the blog...so they would need to know who Arjun is:)

  5. I was going to leave the same comment that Jen did...the tomatoes look delish! I have to go buy some!