Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Food & Wine

Although I am not Catholic and my Lutheran roots never encouraged me to subscribe in the Lentin food suggestions, I decided this year, now that I am married to a Hindu man, I should! I have challenged myself to abstain from meat on Fridays. So far so good. Last week my Friday went pretty well:

Breakfast - Mesa Sunrise cereal with berries, 1/4 grapefruit + half a banana and peanut butter

After swimming snack - Larabar + plain yogurt and kiwi

Lunch - I had a giant salad with a Sunshine Southwest patty (which uses sunflower seeds instead of soy as the protein source), peas, cottage cheese, beets, and a slice of Breads from Anna and almond butter for lunch

Snack - decaf latte from Starbucks & mini apple

Dinner - My famous char topped with mango salsa paired for dinner with lemony, garlic baked mini artichokes, black rice, sauteed kale and garbanzo beans.

For this week, I hope to use some recipes from this month's edition of Food & Wine Magazine. Maybe because it's National Nutrition Month? Although I doubt it, I was inspired by the quality and quantity of their articles. I especially enjoyed the humorous account of one food lover attempting to chew his food more thoroughly. His idea is backed by scientific research that thorough chewing 1) aids in digestion, making food more absorbable, 2) slows down the eating process allowing fullness cues to reach the brain, and 3) helps us enjoy our food more by tasting and sensing bits of it we might otherwise miss. I myself have even tried chewing my oatmeal, rice, beans, and cottage cheese more this week. To my surprise, I usually swallow before the food even hits my tongue!

Not usually known for their collection of healthy recipes, March F&W is packed with clean and even vegetarian options. For a relaxing, Lent-friendly Friday in the near future, I am especially excited for Spelt Foccacia with Kale, Squash and Pecorino. Spelt is a grain similar in taste to wheat but with a slightly higher protein content. Sophie Dahl, granddaughter of author Roald Dahl, shares recipes from her new boo. When a group of chefs were asked to lighten their meals, Quinoa Stuffed Squash came to be. I cannot say enough good things about the quick-cooking, essential amino acid touting, fluffy grain quinoa! Share your own vegetarian/Lent creations!

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  1. I'm going meatless for ALL of Lent. Being a veg/pescatarian is way easier than I thought, it just takes planning. Made my first (not very healthy) Food & Wine recipe last night-it was pretty delicious-penne with roasted asparagus and balsamic vinegar sauce. Would live to try quinoa but have no idea where to start-do you have a good beginner's recipe?!