Friday, January 31, 2014

This is Why I Blog

Me and Tarala before a winning
effort at the Shamrock 5k
The purpose of my blogging is to
  1. Share my sports nutrition knowledge,
  2. Answer your pressing questions,
  3. Learn while researching the answers, and
  4. Create an online presence.

You can help me do this by sharing your nutrition, wellness, and exercise questions. My goal is to post at least weekly, so I promise I will answer your questions although it might take a minute. I am full time working momma of an active 17 month old, an overachieving Master’s student in Nutrition and Fitness, a loving (ok, I try my best) wife, and elite runner hanging on to my fitness. SO that’s why it might take a minute.

First question that I’d like to address:

When my boyfriend gets home from weight lifting at the gym he tries to eat protein right away to help his muscles build. Do I need to do the same thing after a cardio workout like running? Does the timing really matter, or is there no real urgency as long as you eat some protein that day?

I plan to answer this question in two separate posts:
  1. Recovery post weight lifting
  2. Recovery post cardio

So stay posted!

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